Trout Rock Lodge, Yellowknife residents Ragnar and Doreen Wesstrom have owned and operated, is located on an island far away from city lights, traffic noise and is only accessible by Aurora Express, snowmobile, ski-plane or floatplane in summer. The design and location of the lodge have proven to be a successful combination for the ultimate in Aurora photography and viewing. More important, the lodge is located directly under the Auroral Oval, and there’s a 98% chance to see the Aurora if stay three nights or more.


Set in the pristine North Arm of Great Slave Lake and is only a 12 minute floatplane ride from Yellowknife. 


Offers the finest accommodations, home cooked meals and Northern hospitality. The Lodge consists of a new main lodge with a fantastic view for dining/meetings and several cabins, accommodating up to four persons each. The main lodge features satellite telephone and wireless internet service, fully licensed lounge, flush toilets and a fireplace.

Guest cabins are equipped with furnace, power, running water and private bathrooms. There is a shower house on the premises, and in summer the woodstove-operated hot tub is a popular spot at days end. Showers, flush toilets and hot tub are available in the summer season only. There is no running water in winter, and Pacto toilets are used.


With sunlight day and night during most of the fishing season, you could be fishing minutes after you’ve landed in the Northwest Territories. Remember, this is the “Land of the Midnight Sun”. This rugged and beautiful area looks much the same today as it did a thousand years ago. It is home to hundreds of bald eagles, waterfowl and many types of wildlife. You might spot black bear, moose, otter, beaver, lynx, wolf, even giant wood bison. Did someone say, “Don’t forget the camera?


Important Note
Kindly inform the Lodge will be closed on Oct 4,2018 due to the weather condition and reopen 30th Nov,2018. 
The date only available in 2018 is Dec 11-13,2018 (3 cabins). 
If you need the availability for 2019, please feel free to contact us. 


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