A country blessed with such a diverse offering, deserves a special place in any adventurer’s heart. From the world famous Serengeti National Park where the annual Great Migration puts on its year round spectacle. To Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, home to the world’s highest free standing mountain.  This authentic safari destination surely does not shy away when it comes to the sheer magnitude of its world class offerings. After conquering Kili and spotting the Big 5 on safari, why not hop over to endless white tropical beaches of Zanzibar or Mafia islands.  Here your senses will be delighted by ancient Arabic influences, the smell of a thousand spices and the relaxed way of island living.

Country information


Capital: Dodoma
Languages: Swahili, English
Currency: Tanzanian shilling (TZS)
Calling code:+255 (007 from Kenya and Uganda)
Time zone: UTC+3
Flight time: Direct flight from Hong Kong to Dar es Salaam about 16 hours 20 minutes