Kirkenes Snowhotel is located in the Arctic town of Kirkenes - "at the top of the world" -  by the Barents sea, close to the Russian border. It is rebuilt each winter and opens approximately on December 20, exclusively built with ice and snow, but there are normal beds with mattresses for a healthy sleep comfort. There is an exotic Ice bar where guests mingle. The temperature in the Snowhotel is between -4 and -6 degrees Celsius.


The amazing snow hotel is located outside the Arctic town of Kirkenes, about as far northeast as you can get in Norway – a 2 hour flight from Oslo. This amazing hotel melts down each summer season, and has to be rebuilt every December! Kirkenes is ideally located in the middle of the Northern Lights zone. To enhance the visibility of the Northern Lights, the Snow hotel is located by an Arctic fjord, outside the light pollution of the town.


The Snow hotel has a large Ice bar room and 20 hotel rooms, a large service building next door with comfortable lounges, showers, bathroom facilities and a sauna.


You can join an exciting excursions to the amazing Arctic wilderness, like 5 hour wilderness dog sledge trip to the Pasvik valley, close to the Russian border, with a light wilderness meal en route.
Or why not try a unique Snow mobile safari in the Polar night, only lighted by head lamps, chasing the Northern Lights

Another unforgettable experience awaits you on the frozen fjords of Kirkenes. This is your chance to learn how to catch and cook King Crab. First you will be taken by snowmobile sledge out on the fjord ice. Here you will take part in the entire experience of catching the giant, and seeing how it is prepared. Finally the journey continues to a beautiful farmhouse by the fjord, where you will dine by the warmth of the fire.

Next to the Snow hotel there is a heated service building and an exotic, heated Lavvo restaurant. In the service building there is one room with a few beds, just in case a person does not feel comfortable sleeping inside the snow hotel. There is staff present during the night to secure safe overnight in the Snow Suites.

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