A journey as exciting as the destination

Charlotte Travel partners with top charter operators in the industry, giving us access to over 50,000 aircraft and 130 different types of aircraft worldwide. We offer competitive pricing and work closely with partners, who will take into consideration each and every detail to best cater to your needs. When booking with Charlotte Travel, you will be well cared for with 2/7 concierge at the ready to meet your needs. Get in touch now and let your dreams take flight!

Interested in chartering a private jet? Private jet charters popular with luxury travelers for many reasons, mainly comfort, efficiency, and flexibility.


  • Get closer to your destination. Commercial airlines do not serve every airport and have specific schedules, so flying private can be a more direct route
  • Leave and arrive when you want, with a very low chance of delays


  • Need privacy? The plane is yours, so you can sleep or conduct meetings with no interruptions
  • Keep your belongings with you and avoid lost or damaged luggage
  • Sick of airplane food? Not when flying private! Choose from gourmet cuisine and beverages in advance
  • Keep your furry friends right next to you the whole flight. Even Mr. Cuddles will have a great experience
  • Choose aircraft and interior to fit your taste and preference

Save time

  • Spend more time at your destination and less time getting there. Arrive just 30 minutes prior to departure
  • You choose the route! No plane changes or layovers
  • Avoid traffic at busy airport hubs

Less stress

  • No stressful security or custom lines. Relax in the lounge while everything is handled for you
  • Fewer people means shorter queues, making the process much quicker and less hectic


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