Revel in the fresh air and stunning scenery of this magnificent country - New Zealand's extraordinary geography offers a hugely diverse range of unique things to do. Whether you're walking, golfing, sailing, skiing, wine tasting or simply relaxing you will be surrounded by truly breathtaking pristine landscapes.

New Zealand's boutique and luxury lodges are small and intimate. They range from 4 to 30 bedrooms, and offer fine lodging and exceptional cuisine in outstanding locations across the North and South Islands.

Staying in one or more luxury lodges gives the opportunity to experience the very finest accommodation in unique surroundings, whilst enjoying all of the warmth and good humour of the famed Kiwi hospitality.

Planning a trip to New Zealand may seem daunting – with so much to potentially see and do, you might not know where to start or how much you will be able to accomplish with your time. We'll save you immense time and effort during the planning stage, and ensure you accomplish the most in your time away and with value for money

Country information


Capital: Wellington
Languages: English
Currency: New Zealand dollar ($) (NZD)
Calling code: +64
Time zone:  UTC+12
Flight time: Direct flight from Hong Kong to Auckland about 10 hours 50 minutes